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In the epoch of the holocene our species has fashioned a great divide between itself and naturogenic ecology.  Upon the current era any previous direct relationship with the ecological order has receded into a pseudo-reality of commodity.  Fragmented views of this natural world have regrouped themselves into a separate pseudo-nature of industry as the focal point of all vision and consciousness.  Our architecture is nothing but an abstract separation from the universe.  


The problem lies in not the division between humanity and the naturogenic order, for they are never actually divided, but in the illusion of a pseudo-reality.   While this division of natural phenomena sustains the survival of our species it also defies our perceived relationship to natural phenomena, reconstructing a world of imagery considered objective.  Provided that this trend of contemporary perception continues people will further recede into the mechanical cognition of a distorted truth.   


It is important that our culture re-discover its internal relation with the naturogenic world in order to historically advance into a greater culture.  A synthesis is in need between the psuedo-reality of industrial culture and the natural world it distorts.     


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